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Types of products and work we perform

Gear Cage repair

As part of our continued growth in capabilities we now perform bushing and sleeve repairs on starter gear cages. This process has required Volo Aero to in source liquid nitrogen process as well as developing and obtaining approval for machining. We will be performing repairs on P/N 738138-xxx series gear cages which are typically found on A320 series, 747 series and 767 series aircraft.

Main housing accessory

This main housing is a typical example of the repair work that Volo Aero MRO performs for its customers. These type of part suffer from wear as a result of valves rubbing against the ID surface. For this type of component we perform a pre grind, chrome or plasma repair, NDT inspection and finish grind process. Some of these types of components require either metco coatings or conversion coating applications as well. Typical turn times on these parts are 24 days for full overhaul

Gearbox mounting plate

This component arrived from a customer in a semi finished condition requiring the jig grinding of 8 locations to both a tight tolerance  for the 3 bores as well as a tight requirement for true position to ensure all of the locations where correctly located in relation to each other. The set up and measurement of this component was critical to ensure the part meets the end customers needs.

Rod end

For these components we performed a finish grinding process on the internal diameter for a group of parts with various sized holes. The material contained a high percentage of copper which created its own set of challenges. Due to our controlled work environment and skilled operators we where able to maintain the tight tolerance specifications.

Gear repairs

As part of our growth into the T56 RR 501 market we have added the capability of gear repairs, we perform full overhaul service on main drive gears, ring gears and several accessory drive type gears. These parts require inspection, blending, grinding and coating repairs to return to service. As we build our experience we will add new engine types.

Clevis - GTF

With the new engines being delivered in significant numbers we are proud to be part of the supply chain for ensuring the parts we process are delivered on time and in tolerance. These specific parts require the precise grinding of bushings to ensure fit and positioning. Working with our customer we have developed specific fixturing to ensure accurate repeatability as well as the capacity to deliver the number of parts required.